The Marina expansion project

Marina: the resort for yacht owners!

After having fully modernised the Digue des Alliés and then the Digue de Mer seawalls, the local cancel is continuing to develop Dunkirk’s appeal through a key measure: extending the beach resort up to the Grand Large Marina.

The town council, with the support of the Urban Community, is set to roll out a comprehensive project over the next few years to breathe new life into the area between the marina and the outlet canal. The transformation of this unusual area, with its port atmosphere, has three key strands. Firstly, improving the marina.


Then, turning it into a bustling venue, by developing a quay dedicated to bars and restaurants and perhaps a space to stage events.

Lastly, by extending the bank along the outlet canal, with the construction of accommodation that will further boost the residential appeal of Dunkirk. The work is scheduled to start in 2024 and end in 2030-2032.

An improved and revamped marina

The town council and Urban Community have decided to redevelop the Grand Large marina, to more than double the number of mooring spaces - from 220 to 450. Dockside, the technical area of the current marina will be improved.

A travelift crane will be installed there for use at both high and low tide, along with a fuel station, new boat maintenance services and fishing and piloting activities.

Some winter boat shelters will be developed in the current maritime cooperative.

A south-facing events hub

The dockside will make full use of its south-facing aspect to offer a range of events and leisure activities, with cafés, themed bars, restaurants, a small local shop, a bike rental office, an exhibition space, etc. Of course, yacht owners will benefit, but so will the local inhabitants.


On the eastern side, a building will be constructed at the head of the site, at the end of the slipways. It will house the new harbourmaster’s office, as well as the Regional Sailing Centre, while an esplanade will be developed at the rear to host open-air concerts and shows.

The southern slipway will be used for launching craft for day sailing, while the northern slipway will remain where it is.

Between the quay and the Rue des Bancs de Flandres, various boating activities will be developed in the low-rise buildings (deck fitting, motor boats, etc.).

Accommodation and a promenade with sea views

On the canal side, property developers will build around 200 dwellings for first-time buyers, between bastions 32 and 28.


These two elements of our heritage, linked to Operation Dynamo, will be connected by a long landscaped bank, 7 metres high, which will mask the two car park levels (400 spaces) of the 10 buildings to be constructed along the route.

The new island of life will become give top billing to the landscape, with 50% of the developments dedicated to greenery, thus reducing concentrations of heat and limiting the surface sealing and desertification of the soil.