Going out in Dunkirk

Whatever your tastes, there are many options for getting out and about in Dunkirk, whether heading for the beach, with its culture and gastronomy, or visiting one of our festivals.


There is a huge range of activities in Dunkirk for you to have fun and make the most of your leisure time. Here are a few suggestions :

Having fun

Dunkirk Carnival


If you visit Dunkirk between January and March, don’t miss the famous carnival. This is the town’s most iconic event, with its parades, costumes, dances and festivities.

Cultural events and concerts


Discover the cultural events, exhibitions, concerts and festivals taking place in Dunkirk throughout the year. They are always an opportunity to have fun and discover our culture.

Cinemas, theatre and Jazz Club


Watch film projections, plays or jazz concerts, in cinemas (O’ciné and Studio 43), at the Théâtre-Scène Nationale ‘Le Bateau Feu’ or the famous Jazz Club, to discover local and international culture.



Escape rooms, bowling, laser games - just some of the ways to have fun with friends and family, for unforgettable immersive experiences.

Dunkerque Sorties

Download the ‘Dunkirk Sorties’ app to find out about the festivals, concerts plays and dance shows taking place in Dunkirk throughout the year. The town offers a wealth of cultural events and festivals connected with its history, including the famous Dunkirk Carnival.


Discover the events

Going for a walk

Tourist visits

Explore the tourist sites at Dunkirk, such as the Risban lighthouse, the UNESCO world heritage belfries, the Dunkirk 1940 – Operation Dynamo Museum or the Villas Malouines, to discover the history and culture of the town. And don’t forget our stunning natural sites, such as the area of future ‘Grand Site de France’ sand dunes!

Restaurants and cafés

Dive into the culinary scene in Dunkirk by visiting its restaurants, cafés and brasseries. Try local specialities and discover new flavours.


Go shopping in the town-centre boutiques to discover local produce or everyday products - you will find everything you need. If you are after maritime or sailing products, stores such as USHIP – Bleu Marine await in the Port Est at Dunkirk.

Get some fresh air!

Beaches and seaside activities

Head for the huge soft-sand beaches at Bray-Dunes, to relax, go for a stroll or enjoy seaside activities such as sailing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding, etc.

Parks and green spaces

Take a stroll through the town’s parks and gardens, such as the Sculpture Garden, a stone’s throw from the Port du Grand Large or the Marine Park near the inner basins, to enjoy nature and relax in the fresh air.