The advantages of the Marina

The beach at Malo-les-Bains

When mooring at the Port du Grand Large, you are just a 5-minute stroll from...

A whole team ready to look after you

The staff at Dunkirk Marina are known for their outstanding professional service and dedication to...

Marinas and Services

Dunkirk Marina comprises 3 public marinas, with 600 mooring spaces: The Port du Grand...

Free public transport

Since 2018, Dunkirk has had a rapid transport network (a bus every 10 minutes on the ‘chrono’ lines) - free for all!

The Marina expansion project

After having fully modernised the Digue des Alliés and then the Digue de Mer seawalls, the local cancel is continuing to develop...

The Dunkirk marina is a prestigious maritime destination, offering an ideal setting for anyone who enjoys yachting. Located in the port town of Dunkirk, in the Nord Region of France, this port enjoys a strategic position as the entry point to the North Sea and the Channel.


Equipped with modern infrastructures, this marina offers a complete range of facilities to welcome a wide range of vessels, from small motor boats to fishing boats to large sailing ships. The quays are well equipped, with secure mooring points, electric charging and water supply points.

Dunkirk Marina also offers practical services for boat owners, such as toilets, showers and laundries, as well as waste sorting points. Our helpful teams are there to guarantee safety, security and assistance to sailors.


The fun and dynamic port atmosphere is the perfect place to meet other sailing lovers. Moreover, its proximity to the town centre and the beach at Malo-les-Bains offers easy access to a wide range of shops, restaurants and cultural activities - a rewarding experience for boat owners and visitors alike.

The Dunkirk conurbation also organises nautical events and shows throughout the year, helping to create a lively and fun atmosphere for permanent residents and those just passing through.


In a nutshell, Dunkirk Marina is a welcoming and well-equipped site, which combines functionality and fun, for everyone seeking a pleasant and memorable experience in the Dunkirk region.